Faculty + Staff Directory

Principal: Loreta Lamberti 
Assistant Principal: Orla Higgins Averill
Nurse: Cornelia Culici
Executive Assistant: Claudia Rossi

L-R: Claudia Rossi, Cornelia Culici, Loreta Lamberti and Terry Glionna

Classroom Teams: Teachers, Aides and Interns
(see below for 2017-2018 faculty and staff photos; updated photos will be added this fall)
*Integrated Achieve classrooms

Susan Fraser (Room 204)
Anna Harris (Room 201)
Paige Petersen (Room 203)
Taylor Witherbee (Room 202)

Grade 1:
Michelle Ellis (Room 208)
Holli Pisarczyk (Room 206)
Robin Rosenthal (Room 207)
Geri Russillo (Room 205)

Grade 2:
Melissa Greco (Room 213)
Meghan Richards (Room 309)
Sarah Gross (Room 212)
*Elizabeth Ross/Tina Fiscella (Room 209 – Achieve)
Edra Wigder (Room 210) 

Grade 3:
Mari Egan (Room 308)
*Fran Rametta/Mary Daskalakis (Room 310 – Achieve)
Marianne Shannon (Room 312)
Carol Tippett (Room 313)

Grade 4:
*Kyle Fritch/Laurie Arcovio (Room 304)
Lauren Comando (Room 305)
Jacquelyn Samuels (Room 306)
Mattison Giroux (Room 307)

Grade 5:
Kristen Conrad/Maura Morse (Room 302 – job share)
*Lauren Kehoe/Michelle Callaghan (Room 303 – Achieve)
Bryan Kelly (Room 301)

Please note: Most faculty and staff can be reached via e-mail.
The format for e-mail addresses within the NPS system is typically: <firstname_lastname@newton.k12.ma.us


Angier After School Program: Katie Crowe (Director)
Art: Deborah Kramer (M-Th) and Jayme Ellis and Annie Stikeleather (Fridays)
Custodial Staff: Rick McElroy and David Concepcion
Early Morning Program: Lucia Wolfe and Samantha Terwilliger
ELL: Katelyn Bianchi and Anuradha Upneja
Executive Assistant: Terese Glionna
Inclusion Facilitators: Maria Kolbe, Samantha Terwilliger and Erica Clem
Instructional Support: Kemp Harris, Emeline Sterpe and Sue Dennison 
IT: Mary Manning and Matt Letson (M)
Kids Connection: Darcy Duguay
Learning Center: Robin Fisher and Suzanne Griffin
Library: Amanda Bock 
Literacy Specialist: Lulu Morrison
Literacy Assistants: Gwen Norris (M-Th), Janice Bella (W, Th) and Sally Zink (M, T, W)
Lunch Staff: Lisa Beckles, Elycia Bourque, Toni Fuller and Debbie Fathy
Math Coach: Jenna Ceddia (M, Th)
METCO Social Worker: Gillian Van Delft (Tuesdays)
Music: Cherie Goldstein and Tom Sheppard (Strings)
Nurse: Cornelia Culici
Occupational Therapist: Svea Hall (M, Tu, W, F)
Office Assistant: Claudia Rossi
Physical Education: Mike Carr (M-F) and Hildi Arnold (M-W)
Psychologist: Gordon Weiner
Psychology Interns: Kyra Berube and Robert Holloway
Response to Intervention: Mimi Concannon (M-Th)
Social Worker: Lisa Lacava (W)
Speech and Language: Evelyn Hatcher (W pm, Th) and Claire Logan (M-F)
Team Chair: Rachel Griffin

2017-2018 Faculty and Staff Photos:

L-R: Katie Firstenberger, Paige Petersen, Taylor Witherbee, Susan Fraser, Sally Lee

Grade 1:Standing L-R: Judith Cambria, Felicia Thomas, Geri Russillo, Leigh Whiting-Jones, Robin Rosenthal
Seated L-R: Brianna Hopkins, Michelle Ellis, Maya Swartz, Michelle Race, Shivonne Bennett

Grade 2:
Standing L-R: Marlene Martins, Andrea Graf, Emma McConnell, Sarah Gross
Seated L-R: Elizabeth Ross, Edra Wigder, Tina Fiscella, Alexandra Sells, Melissa Greco 

Grade 3:
Standing L-R: Genevieve Barteloni, Mari Egan, Ellen Geary, Fran Rametta, Mary Daskalakis
Seated L-R: Josh Amabile, Ketene Arante, Ruby Reilly, Carol Tippett, Caroline Tino, Marianne Shannon

Grade 4:
Standing L-R: Lauren Comando, Lucia Wolfe
Seated L-R: Ellen Daly, Lauren Kehoe, Jacquelyn Samuels, Laurie Arcovio

Grade 5:
Standing L-R: Maria Porcello, Amy Wink, Rachael Harper, Raquel Salas, Mary Morrison
Seated L-R: Anne Fagan, Bryan Kelly, Kyle Fritch, Stephen Murphy, Michelle Callaghan
Not Pictured: Maura Morse and Kristen Conrad


L-R: Cherie Goldstein (Music), Michael Carr (PE) and Deborah Kramer (Art)

Standing L-R: Maria Kolbe (Inclusion), Suzanne Griffin (Learning Center), Samantha Terwilliger (Inclusion), Robin Fisher (Learning Center)
Seated L-R: Claire Logan (Speech and Language), Svea Hall (Occupational Therapy), Gordon Weiner (Psychologist), Jennifer Tashjian (Physical Therapy), Rachel Griffin (Team Chair)

L-R: Lulu Morrison (Literacy), Katelyn Bianchi (ELL) and Jenna Ceddia (Math)

L-R: David Concepcion and Rick McElroy (Custodial)

L-R: Jessica Lorhe, Ann Roth, Robyn Dori and Kemp Harris (ISS)

Inclusion Staff:
Joshua Amabile
Meda Barnes
Genevieve Bartoloni
Emile Beckler
Ahmad Buie
Jacquelyn Doyle
Theresa Drew
Anne Fagan
Ellen Geary
Andrea Graf
Sally Lee
Bola Lareau
Marlene Martins
Jacob Mazur-Warren
Stephen Murphy
Michelle Race
Anne Roth
Raquel Salas
Maya Swartz
Felicia Thomas
Shauna Wahle
Lucia Wolfe

Meghan Curran
Madelyne Maierhofer
Christina Poillucci
Maria Porcello
Maeve Reynolds