Faculty + Staff Directory

Staffing 2022-2023


202 Geri Russillo and Andrea Graf
203 Paige Schale and Michelle Race 

First Grade

206 Holli Phillion 
207 Robin Rosenthal
208 Michelle Ellis 

Second Grade
209 Elizabeth Ross/Tina Fiscella and Michelle Shuman (intern)
210 Edra Wigder 
212 Sarah Gross
213 Anna Swanton (formerly Harris)

Third Grade

309 Taylor Witherbee 
310 Fran Rametta/Mary Daskalakis and Mackenzie Gondek (intern) 
312 Puja Tilva 
313 Carol Tippett

Fourth Grade

305 Kyle Cohan
306 Jacquelyn Samuels
307 Lauren Roberts (formerly Kehoe)/Michelle Callaghan and Lauren Lanseinge (intern)
308 Amber Murray 

Fifth Grade

302 Maeve Reynolds/Brittany Hagopian and Risa Komatsu (intern)
303 Erin Curran/Christine McMahon and Ariana Chabot (intern)
304 Marianne Shannon


Library Liz Donovan & Susanne Coppola
Music Cherie Goldstein & Tom Sheppard (orchestra)
Art Jocelyn Phillips & Michael Dailey
PE Anthony Lanza
ELL Katelyn Bianchi & Lauren Torrielle
SEL Coach Dr. Maria Kolbe
BCBA Alona Luecke


Principal Orla Higgins Averill, Ph.D.
Assistant Principal Saundra Watson, M.Ed
Executive Secretary Claudia Rossi